Prostar Soccer Club

Prostar is a non – profit 501 c3 organization, established to provide youth soccer services to the children within the local communities.  AYS was founded by four Englishmen, who are highly experienced & qualified coaches, & ex-professional players from London UK.

Mission and Objective
The mission & objective of Prostar is to provide children with more opportunities to play, learn, continue to grow, and develop a love for the game in addition to their club/school environment. We have revolutionized the way in which players evolve, express their skills, & develop a passion for the game through our Academy & Soccer School programs.

Having successfully piloted its first Academy & Soccer School in the Roaring Fork Valley, Prostar have now implemented these popular programs into 2 additional venues across western Colorado, with an ambition to continue to expand with demand.  By offering children these programs during the summer, players are able to participate in a new & enjoyable soccer experience without having to leave their club/school team & without conflict in their club/school schedules during the spring & fall seasons. 

Prostar is continuingly seeking to create partnerships & affiliations with local business, corporations, government, youth foundations & clubs in order to improve & expand its programs to new communities throughout the region. As a non – profit organization for youth, we welcome any assistance that may help improve or facilitate our programs, such as sponsorship for equipment, uniforms, donations for scholarships, funding for field use & staff education.  We are a devoted team who possess a love for the game of soccer & the desire to educate & help our children enjoy playing soccer for life.

Business Development & Consultation Service 
Prostar has administrators, management, caches & directors based in the USA & the UK undertaking a wide range of roles in the soccer world. We aim to provide the best possible club development services at a cost that is realistic, affordable, & crafted individually for players who have a variety of requirements & ambitions.

Specific areas of concentration include - club growth & expansion planning, fundraising initiatives, facility provisions, educational services for player & coach development / recruitment, comprehensive curriculums, new & revised training programs, daily operational procedures such as club structure, re-organization, policies, procedures, rules & by laws, registration formulas & methods, fee’s, online services, uniforms, club apparel, club sponsorship & partnerships, corporate affiliations.